PostHeaderIcon Raspberry Pi Robot – Project Overview

After being introduced to Raspberry Pi controlled robotics by Chris over at I have (after owning a Pi since launch) finally decided to do something useful with my Raspberry Pi.

The basic goal of this project will be to create a remote controlled vehicle that can be controlled with a smartphone over wifi using a web server that will be running on the Raspberry Pi.

Once this basic goal has been met the project could (and probably will) be expanded to install a webcam on the robot or the addition of an ultrasonic sensor to stop unwanted collisions.

This should prove to be an interesting and informative project as I have very little electronics experience other than what I can vaguely remember from secondary school well over fifteen years ago.


  • Raspberry Pi – The “brains” of the project this will drive the controller that runs the wheels.
  • USB wifi adaptor – To enable the robot to roam free rather than be tethered via a cable.
  • USB Battery Pack – To power the robot and free the robot from being tethered via a cable.
  • AA Battery Pack – To power the robot and free the robot from being tethered via a cable.
  • AA Batteries – To power the motors and motor controller.
  • Breadboard – This will be used for prototyping and testing components.
  • Zumo Chassis Kit – A two tracked platform that we will build our robot on.
  • 2x 50:1 Motors – The motors that drive the tank tracks. One per side.
  • L298N Controller – This will control the speed & direction of our motors.

In the near future I will be making further posts and guides on how I have managed to bring my robot to life.

Stay tuned for further articles that will hopefully include subjects such as:

  • Setting up your Pi from scratch. (including wifi and remote access).
  • Building the Zumo Chassis for our robot.
  • Connecting the L298N to our Raspberry Pi and Motors.
  • Example Python code for movement.
  • Installing the webserver on the Raspberry Pi.
  • Creating the scripts for movement.
  • Bringing the web server and scripts together.


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