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Mounting .ISO images in Linux (Part 2)

Author: Nick Bembridge | Files under linux

Now let’s focus on adding that Mac like feature which will enable us to mount an image with just a few clicks of the mouse (without adding any extra software).

Download these two scripts here and here, move these into your bin folder by running this command in the terminal:

sudo mv iso-* //bin/

The two scripts that we have just moved will need to be made executable, so to do this in the terminal type:

cd //bin/


sudo chmod +x iso-*

Close the terminal and locate one of your .ISO files within the file browser (Nautilus).

Right click your .ISO file and choose “Properties”, in the page that appears choose the “Open With” tab. Click the arrow next to “Use a custom command” and type in the following in the text field.


repeat this but add


make sure that iso-mount.sh is selected as default like in the diagram below.

Openwith Dialogue box

Now all you need to do to mount your .ISO files is to double click them (and enter your admin password), to unmount the .ISO right click the .ISO and choose “Open With iso-unmount.sh”

Thanks to animacide and Nightwish for the two scripts used in this tutorial.

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  1. lj_espi1507
    Dec 3, 2008 at 04:33:47

    I followed these steps to the letter and it somehow doesn’t work. I have the new commands available on the right-click menu but nothing happens when I double click the ISO files. It doesn’t prompt me for the admin password nor does it mount the file.

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